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Is this Your First Time Visiting a Therapist for Counseling?

Here's what you can expect when seeing me...

At first, seeing a Psychologist or Psychological Associate can seem daunting, therefore, knowing what to expect may help alleviate your initial concerns. Generally, as a new client of my counseling services, you can expect to go through a process of psychological assessment and testing before having a personalized treatment plan developed following a course of therapy designed to reach your treatment goals.

Session One

Your first session begins with an explanation of the 'Limits of Confidentiality' (standard practice) followed by an interview to obtain background information about your issues. During the interview portion of the assessment, we discuss the nature of your problems, your personal history and any other details related to your concerns.

After the interview, you are then requested to complete psychological screening tests before leaving. These tests typically take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete and the results help me to refine each client’s treatment plan in further reflecting their strengths and areas of improvement.

In the psychological testing portion, you will be given a few standardized, multiple-choice questionnaires. The results of these tests are reviewed in the second session and used to help determine the possible presence and severity of psychological disorders and guide in setting treatment goals. If you have experienced trauma, these tests help me assess what phase of treatment you are in.

Session Two

Your second session begins with us reviewing the results of your questionnaires followed by psychoeducation to assist with your more immediate symptoms (e.g. nervous system functioning, sleep habits for those with insomnia, circadian rhythm issues).

Time permitting, we can also start the Cognitive Behavioural Process and begin assigning exercises to work on at home.

Subsequent Sessions

After the initial sessions and psychological assessment, subsequent sessions are scheduled based on the results of your work at home and your individual treatment needs following the treatment goals we established.

(*Please Note: If you have any remaining questions about the psychological services I provide, please feel free to e-mail me anytime, as I would be more than happy to answer your inquiries.)

Here's how to book an appointment...

After reviewing this website, contact me anytime to schedule a session appointment, with availability usually within a week or so (depending, of course, on the next open time on my calendar). Sessions are typically booked for 1 hour at a time within my office hours of Monday to Thursday, 11:00am to 7:00pm. I've also posted office location details and a map, along with information regarding payment options and different types of coverage which may be available to you.

Doctor referrals are not required to book appointments and see me, but a referral may be required by your insurance company if you are claiming coverage under an insurance plan. Please contact your insurer beforehand to confirm if a doctor referral is required to claim coverage for your sessions.


"The longest journey is that which has not yet been taken." ~J.R.R.Tolken

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